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AWAVI Corporation

AWAVI blends the best practices of health and wellness resorts with everyday living, specifically
designed for seniors desiring an active lifestyle, supporting a true balance of Mind, Body, and Soul.


AWAVI reflects the most comprehensive and innovative approach to the active senior market,
transcending the current traditional business model with a next generation market positioning.


Our primary focus is to provide seniors with an enriched environment, healthier life,
and access to senior-specific information to delay or reduce the need for care later in life.

The next generation of seniors desires the same lifestyle options as younger generations, including current trends in design,
technology, and amenities. Our architectural styling and design reflects a contemporary,
clean aesthetic comparable to many of the new mixed-use developments and hotels found in urban environments.


Our brand is unique and focused specifically to seniors who are ready to prioritize how they live, to live the best life, for the longest life.

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AWAVI Atlanta
AWAVI Atlanta


Residents will have access to several dining venues, upscale spa & salon, a state-of-the-art wellness & fitness center, a roof-top garden, retail marketplace, screening room, co-working business center, arts center, outdoor pool and patio, short-stay hospitality suites, and other outdoor activity venues.


As part of AWAVI’s extensive concierge service, resident members have access to several transportation services, including electric powered cars, bus and personal driver services. 

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